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1 the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger; "the proposal required great boldness" [syn: daring, hardihood] [ant: timidity]
2 impudent aggressiveness; "I couldn't believe her boldness"; "he had the effrontery to question my honesty" [syn: nerve, brass, face, cheek]
3 the quality of standing out strongly and distinctly [syn: strikingness]

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  1. The state of being bold; courage; presumptuousness.
  2. The relative weight of a font; the thickness of its strokes.

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Boldness is an opposite of being shy. A bold person may be willing to risk shame or rejection in social situations, and willing to bend rules of etiquette or politeness. An excessively bold person could aggressively ask for money, or persistently push a person to fulfill some request, and so on. Boldness does not necessarily mean obnoxious; it is possible for one to be bold, while staying silent. Excessive boldness may thus be regarded as impertinence or arrogance. Outside a social context, "boldness" can also refer to a willingness to get things done, even despite risks, and is therefore broadly synonymous with bravery. Boldness is a trait that wise people should possess.
Boldness is not always in a rash context, but can have a great positive connotation to the word. For example, Wikipedia encourages boldness when editing articles within the website. Being bold can be a huge step in social development.
"Bold" is sometimes used synonymously with (and in place of) "impudent", where a child may be punished for "being bold" when he or she had acted disrespectfully toward an adult, or simply misbehaved. This usage is standard throughout Ireland.
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